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"Still That Never Goes Dry" Music Video Collaboration

Cody Tyler and Go Sammy-Jo have teamed up with Will Simpson to bring you the music video for "Still That Never Goes Dry" from Cody's latest EP, Sound Room Sessions. You can find the EP digitally on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart, Deezer, and right here on

The video's director, Will Simpson, is a young and talented film director on the rise from Clearwater, FL. His vision for this music video was a perfect fit for the story the song tells. Follow him on Instagram @willsbeenhere and subscribe to him on YouTube for more great content. His channel can be found here:

The music video is available to watch here:

The video was filmed at the beautiful Dream Rock Silo and Creekside Bungalow in Independence, VA, where Cody has gotten inspiration to write a few new songs for his upcoming album. The Silo and Bungalow can be rented on Airbnb here:

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