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Christmas Single out now!

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

This song was born after a long day of hunting. I was sitting under a tree when Mike Keller, a morning DJ from the local AM radio station, (WEEU 830AM in Reading, PA) sent me a text asking if I'd come on the air to do a Christmas show in a couple weeks.

Since there were no deer to be passing by my tree stand anytime soon, I wrote back to him and said I'd be happy to. There was just one problem: I didn't know how to play any Christmas covers.

After my dad and I got home from a long day of hunting (and no luck) I proceeded to clean up after a cumbersome day in the woods. All of a sudden, this song just sort of poured out of me. I had to find paper and pen quickly. Luckily enough, the song did not escape me, and I played it for Mike right there on the air, two weeks later.

The song is on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, iHeartRadio, and pretty much anywhere else. I hope you enjoy it. We released it kind of late in the 2017 Christmas season, so hopefully it comes back around for us by next Christmas. Hell, listen to it and have yourself a very Merry Christmas in July.

-Cody Tyler

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