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First Acoustic EP coming soon!

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Cody is proud to announce the release of his first studio EP, Playin' With Firewater! Recorded at Akdar Studios in the backwoods of Berks County, Pennsylvania, Cody brings a sense of organic, raw, and real songwriting unique to Pennsylvania. These lyrics are sure to strike a chord with folks from anywhere. Each song has a story, and it's authentic enough that you'll feel something. "Grandad's Vinyl" is a story of a boy getting to know his late grandfather through the record collection he left behind. "Eagle Tattoo" deals with the worry of a loved one joining to armed services. The raucous title track "Playin' With Firewater" details mountain trips to God's Country, also known as Potter County, Pennsylvania. You won't find tractor rapping, bedazzled skinny jeans, or drum machines on this album. Just organic, whiskey-laden, down-home country music fresh from the backwoods of the Keystone State.

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